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East Johnson City

(Main Campus)

The East Johnson City Campus serves as the main campus for the Thankful Network. This campus embodies a lot of rich history bridged with good tradition of praising and worshiping the Lord along with sound Biblical teaching. This campus 


Thankful Network is a network of churches that are called to make Disciples of Jesus Christ who impact their households, local community and world for His Glory. Thankful Baptist Church serves as the "mother church" of this network and was started in the year of 1872 by Rev. Horace Leftwitch. In 2014, Thankful Baptist Church sent Rev. Aaron T. Murphy out to start Thankful Community Church (formally known as "New Community Life") as an attempt to reach the lost and unchurched community in Upper East TN. In 2017, after several years of community outreach Rev. Aaron T. Murphy was called back to the "mother church" to assume the role of Senior Pastor. In 2019, the Thankful Network was launched for the purpose in bringing churches and communities together under the same vision and mission to make Disciples of Jesus Christ and reach the lost for God's Kingdom. 

Keith Johnson 

Lead Teacher & Network Advisor




1501 East Watauga Ave.

Johnson City, TN 37601

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